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Witch Part-2 | True Ghost Story In English

Guys, Welcome back to DARKSIDE-DEVILS – Real Ghost Stories,Today I am going to share another

one new story with you.This story is the second part of Witch True Ghost Story In English.The previous

story was based on the true scary incident that happened with shambhu uncle and his wife. Friends, As

I told in the previous story, How the witch used to take the form of shambhu uncle’s wife and how maulvi

ji saved shambhu uncle from that witch.


Witch Part-2 | True Ghost Story In English


In the previous story, When maulvi ji was doing exorcism at that time maulvi ji had told some such things

that after listening to this, Father and ramesh uncle  remembered an incident that happened to them.

Both of them did not think that the incident that happened to them was related to the same witch from

whom shambhu uncle got rid.


Witch | True Ghost Story In English


The story again starts from Bhishrampur, A small village in the state of Jharkhand in which the

government colony is built. Here the workers who came to work in Coal India are given government



My father was not married at that time and came here alone to do a job, Father had found a government

house very difficult due to the whole government house being booked in those days. Due to not getting

another house, Ramesh uncle also stayed with my father ramesh uncle used to work as a helper in

Coal India.


People living in that government colony said that the house where father is living is haunted, In the

morning, A woman in white clothes comes out of that house and a little away from that house there is a

well near a temple inside which the woman goes. This is a witch, So no one wanted to live in this house.


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Father told me that in the early days, strange movements began to happen at night, Like the sound of

utensils falling from the kitchen, The loud barking of dogs outside the house at night and the sound of

someone else crying,


One night ramesh uncle was sleeping in the cot, His cot was adjacent to the wall of the room. And father

put his cot next to uncle’s cot and started sleeping, Midnight  ramesh uncle shouted loudly, Father asked

what happened then he said that I felt as if a person is sitting on top of my chest.


Father explained to ramesh uncle, There is no one here you must have dreamed, The next night again at

midnight ramesh uncle shouted loudly, Father again refused to believe ramesh uncle’s words and asked

to go to sleep. The next night when ramesh uncle was going to sleep, then suddenly father said that I will

sleep in that cot today.


In the middle of the night, The father also felt that someone had sat on his chest. Now he believed

ramesh uncle’s words, In the morning when the father was going to work, His neighbor said, Brother I

have seen a woman coming from your house wearing white clothes for two or three days around

4 o’clock.


On that day due to an emergency, The father was late while returning from work. My father felt that

someone was washing cloth on the floor when the father came a little closer, He saw that a woman

wearing a white sari is washing clothes near the well, Father said, who is there ?


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Hearing Father’s voice, the woman immediately got up and started walking inside the well. After seeing

this scene, My father was very scared and immediately ran towards the room and told the whole incident

to ramesh uncle,


That night, when the father put a cot in the room, He put it on a little distance away from the wall and

ramesh uncle put his cot next to my father’s cot. That night father and ramesh uncle got a good sleep as

there was no pressure on their chest.


From that night onwards, As long as father and ramesh uncle stayed in that house, Till then place the cot

a little bit away from the wall of that room and cot was not touched with that wall.


After some time the father finds a different house, Ramesh uncle resides in this house and shambhu

uncle comes next to this house. With whom true incident happened and that incident i have shared with

you in the previous story of Witch True Ghost Story in English.


Guys what do you think what was that in the wall of that room when cot touched with that wall,The person

lying on the cot felt like midnight that someone was sitting on his chest, Father did not have the answer to

this, But friends if you have, Then you must comment and tell us your opinion.


Friends, Thank you very much for reading this story DARKSIDE-DEVILS – Real Ghost Stories will be

back soon by taking another story based on the true event for you…





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