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Witch | True Ghost Story In English

 Witch | True Ghost Story In English

Witch | True Ghost Story, the witcher

Horror Story In English,

Friends, Welcome back to DARKSIDE-DEVILS – Real Ghost Stories, Today I am going to 

share another one new story with you. This story is based on the true heartbreaking incident

that happened with shambhu uncle and his wife, As I have already told you that my father

has narrated me a lot of true incidents related to ghosts during his job.
The story starts again from Bhishrampur, A small village in the state of Jharkhand in which 

the government colony is built. Here the workers who came to work in Coal India are given 

government rooms, Father’s neighbours were Rabula uncle, Ramesh Uncle and Shambhu

Uncle, although more people lived in that colony but this story is around them.

Shambhu uncle was a resident of Odisha state, In 1976 he got a government  job in Coal
India in which he used to work as a driver in a coal transporting vehicle, He lived here alone

but after some time his wife also came here to live with him.

Horror Story In English,

It is about 1977 that shambhu uncle’s wife was pregnant and the delivery day was also

close, Shambhu Uncle took his wife to have a check-up at the Maandar Hospital  which is
located near Ranchi city, Doctors admitted to his wife after the check-up. Shambhu uncle

had to go back to bhishrampur for emergency work, Before leaving he called his sister-in-

law who lived in ranchi city.

While returning to bhishrampur at night, The road was deserted and surrounded by dense
forests, At one place on the way he felt that something had passed in front of the car but 

there was no one there. When shambhu uncle reaches home, He is surprised to see that 

his wife was already in the house, Sambhu uncle angrily says that I had  admitted you in
the hospital, but how did you come here before me? His wife said, I was discharged by the

doctor so I came here,

The next morning, As sambhu uncle wakes up, His wife is not at home, but at 7 or 8 in the

evening his wife returns home. Again next morning, his wife is not in the house, Uncle 

could not understand what is the matter, Shambhu Uncle tells the whole matter to his

neighbour ramesh Uncle.

Without wasting time, Ramesh uncle took shambhu Uncle by bus to maandar hospital 

where shambhu Uncle found his wife, Shouted loudly and started saying that you leave

home in the morning and return home in the evening, Are you mad ?

His wife said I am here, You had made me admit here, So why would I go home.

True Story Of Ghost,

On returning home to bhishrampur  halfway  shambhu Uncle does not know what happens

that he gets down from the bus and runs towards the forest. Some people along with

ramesh uncle caught shambhu uncle with great difficulty and tied him with rope and brought

him home, When dad and rabula Uncle came to know about the whole matter at home,

Rabula Uncle brings Maulvi ji who knows exorcism from a village near bhishrampur. But

maulvi ji said on seeing Shambhu Uncle this is an evil force which is very powerful You

brought  Maulvi ji  who master in exorcism from a village named Gola-Puri, He can cure him 

and get rid of this evil force.
Dad and Rabula Uncle bring maulvi ji from  Gola-Puri, Maulvi ji says on seeing shambhu 

uncle, you have brought me to the right time, the witch is going to kill her because she came

to know that Shambhu suspects that the witch comes in the form of his wife, One more 

thing, she used to take the form of shabhu’s wife and used to come to the house.

Dad and Rabula Uncle bring maulvi ji from  Gola-Puri, Maulvi ji says on seeing shambhu

uncle, You have brought me to the right time, the witch is going to kill her because she

came to know that Shambhu suspects that the witch comes in the form of his wife, One 

more thing, She used to take the form of shabhu’s wife and used to come to the house.

And yes, the witch will ask you to remove the talisman which is tied on your arm But son,
Do not throw it away because the witch will not even touch you as long as this talisman is 

tied in your arm.

A Ghost Story,

Maulvi ji ordered a needle and thread roll and put a thread in the needle and said that

somehow you attach it in her clothes I will stay at night at rabula’s house, don’t you fear. At

11 o’clock at night, The witch comes to Shambhu Uncle’s house, Shambhu Uncle says, I
had admitted you in the hospital, 

And you come home again  the witch said, I did not feel like there, so I came, Throw away

what you have tied in your arm, The witch insists on taking off the talisman, But as soon as 

shambhu uncle refuses, she turns around to return,

Shambhu uncle put that needle in her clothes. As soon as this happens  shambhu uncle 

faints, It is 4 o’clock in the morning dad and rabula uncle knock the door of shambhu uncle

and ask shambhu uncle to open the door. It is not yet time, Shambhu will come to his

senses at 5 o’clock as maulvi ji said, 

Exactly as it happened at 5 o’clock, Sambhu uncle came to his senses and opened the
door and everyone is happy to see him safe. Then suddenly maulvi ji said, Find the thread
in the needle, The thread is found a little farther outside the house, 

The roll of thread is open. Dad, Rabula uncle, Ramesh uncle and Maulvi ji move forward 

wrapping the thread, The thread was wrapped with banyan tree near a temple and was to

suppress in a field  front of the well. Maulvi ji says to dig that place, While digging the 

ground, A piece of bone comes out from that place which was red and fresh like blood,

While exorcism that bone, Maulvi ji tells something that everyone is shocked to hear, Maulvi

ji says that it was an evil force which was changing its form and living among you from a

very old time, On hearing this, Dad and Ramesh Uncle remember an incident that
happened to them which they had not thought that connection was with it, 

I will definitely share that incident with all of you friends, They take that bone in a glass 

bottle and  purifies everyone’s room before leaving.

Friends, what do you think was she really the witch who passed through shambhu uncle’s

car or was just an illusion, you must comment and tell us your opinion.
Friends, thank you very much for reading this story, DARKSIDE-DEVILS – Real Ghost 

Stories will be back soon by taking another story based on the true event for you… 

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