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Real Ghost Story In English | Hmm A Unique Scary Voice

Real Ghost Story In English | Hmm A Unique Scary Voice

Real Ghost Story In English | Hmm A Unique Scary Voice,True Ghost Story In English

real ghost story

Real Ghost Story In English, 

This is the true story my father told me, My father has heard me a lot of true 
incidents related to ghosts and evil spirit during his government job
among them, Hmm Is A Unique Scary Voice that I am presenting to all
my friends.

Real Ghost Story In English, 

It is a matter of the summer of 1976, 44 years ago, my father used to work
in Coal India Limited in Jharkhand. His joining took place in the year 1975 on 
behalf of the company, he got the government room in Bhishrampur village.

My father was not married at that time, my father used to be a very
good friend in those days. His name was Rabula, who used to work
with him in Coal India Limited. My father was the foreman at that time
who used to fix coal transport vehicles and Rabula Uncle was the
helper at that time.

Once upon a time, the company’s car was damaged in a village
called Jelitan. Jelitan was 5 km away from their official room. Father
and Rabula Uncle went to fix the car, The car recovered at 8.30 pm.

Real Ghost Story In English | Hmm A Unique Scary Voice, 
Father and Rabula Uncle walked towards their room through the 
Bhishrampur jungle which was a short-cut road, At that time neither my father
had a bike nor Rabula uncle had a bike that night the moon was so bright
that without any trouble they were moving forward.

After walking for at least 2 km, Father and Rabula Uncle see the reverse cot
on which a big stone was placed, They removed the stone and straightened
the cot and sat on it and began to relax. After a while, he heard a unique
scary voice, it was a different voice that was neither of human nor of any
animal. Heard again coming from the bushes a little distance behind them.

Real Ghost Story In English, 
Father goes to the bushes to find out the voice but the voice starts coming 
from the bushes a little further away. Father goes a little further away, but the
voice starts coming from the far side of the brook when the father reaches 
the brook, then the voice starts coming from a little further suddenly the 
father comes to notice, The voice was coming from near the bed and now till 
now, this voice is pulling me towards.

Father asked Rabula Uncle to go ahead or return, but Rabula Uncle did not
answer as Father turns back, he is surprised to know that Rabula Uncle is
not there, Father gets so nervous and immediately runs towards the room.

True Ghost Story In English, 

After coming 1km, he sees a man on a deserted road. He was none other
than Rabula Uncle. The next day at work, Father scolded Rabula Uncle and
said, “Why did you run away leaving me alone?”. Rabula Uncle replied, I 
was scared to hear a unique scary voice, Father then asked when did you
run away from there, then Uncle said when you started going towards the

The same day, Father found out about that place was a graveyard and the
soul of a woman wanders there. Some tribal’s also said that there is a huge
tamarind tree some distance ahead of that brook, under that tree there are
ghosts andevil spirit who keep on pulling people towards them.

Real Ghost Story In English | Hmm A Unique Scary Voice,
After narrating this, Father and Rabula Uncle visit to that place again to see 
whether the thing they have heard from the tribal’s is true or false but as soon
as Father and Rabula uncle reach the place they are surprised to see that 
the cot is reverse on which the stone is again placed And where Father and
Rabula Uncle sat down straightening cot, Now there is a big pit under the
same place.

On the other side of the brook, Father and Rabula Uncle sees a huge
tamarind tree. Whom they were afraid to see from afar. Even today, when I
mention this to him, My father falls into thinking and says that if I reached that
tree, I do not know what would happen to me.

True Ghost Story In English, 
Guys, what do you really think ghosts and evil spirits lived under that 
tamarind tree, if not, what was a unique scary voice, Or that evil spirit was 
awakened by teasing that cot, you must comment and tell your opinion.

Friends, thank you very much for reading this story, I will be back soon by

taking another story based on the true event for you.


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